Schools, Universities and Colleges

Emergency Operations and Campus Violence Prevention Plans for Colleges and Universities

All colleges and universities are required by Federal law and many state laws to develop and maintain Emergency Operation Plans (EOP), Campus Violence Prevention Plans (CVPP) and to report incidents of criminal activity associated with their institutions. Campus safety promotion for students, faculty, and staff is an important part of the mission of colleges and universities to make their campuses safe places.

REM will create a unique Emergency Operations Plan designed for your campus. We will also develop a Campus Violence Prevention Plan and a custom designed training program for your executive staff on plan implementation.

Security Audits and Inspections

The liabilities associated with inadequate security can be extremely costly and potentially devastating to your company. REM will conduct a security analysis of your facility and determine the most effective methods of protecting your assets, personnel, suppliers, and customers.

Our consultants have decades of experience in physical security operations, and can produce a security program and policy for your organization, so that your facility is sufficiently protected and your liability minimized.