Public Safety

Police Consolidations, Operational Risk, and Liability Analysis

REM will conduct an operational analysis of your organization to identify which procedures and operations are successful and which need to be re-examined, rewritten, restructured, or eliminated. We will also conduct an analysis of your liability claims and provide recommendations to reduce or eliminate the causes of liability.

Our consultants have decades of experience in high-level executive and operational positions, which includes a number of organizations that underwent dramatic reorganization. We can incorporate this expertise for your organization.

Assessment Centers and Promotional Strategies

In addition to hiring the most suitable personnel, selecting the best individuals for promotional opportunities can also dramatically impact your organization.

REM will craft a promotional process that includes assessment centers that are custom designed for your organization. Assessment centers are extremely valuable tools in a promotional strategy, and can effectively screen for and identify the traits and talents that make your organization successful.

Policy Development

Working with your staff, REM will draft and implement unique custom-designed policies and procedures for your organization.

Many organizational policies and procedures fail because they are written using a "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" philosophy. REM Consultants don't believe in making the organization fit the policy, but rather, designing the policy so that it custom fits your organization.

Establishing rules, whether they are Personnel Codes, Operating or Administrative Procedures, or Emergency Operations Plans, REM will create original policies for you. We will tailor systems and methods that correspond to your needs, budget, and organization.