Organizational Development

Policy Development

Working with your staff, REM will draft and implement unique custom-designed policies and procedures for your organization.

Many organizational policies and procedures fail because they are written using a "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" philosophy. REM Consultants don't believe in making the organization fit the policy, but rather, designing the policy so that it custom fits your organization.

Establishing rules, whether they are Personnel Codes, Operating or Administrative Procedures, or Emergency Operations Plans, REM will create original policies for you. We will tailor systems and methods that correspond to your needs, budget, and organization.

Performance Evaluation Design

In many organizations, evaluating the performance of personnel is among the most difficult of all supervisory functions. But it doesn't have to be!

Working with your supervisory staff and line personnel, REM will structure a custom designed performance evaluation strategy and program that eases the difficulties associated with assessing your workforce. These methods will maximize your management efficiency and positively impact production and morale. In environments that include collective bargaining agreements, we can enhance your labor-management relations while diminishing grievances.

Workplace Violence Policy Development & Training

Whether it originates from external or internal sources, workplace violence can devastate any organization or agency.

REM has extensive experience in addressing workplace violence issues from both the organizational and public safety perspective. We can provide training in prevention, detection, and appropriately addressing workplace violence incidents. We will customize a workplace violence policy and protocol that works in coordination with your local law enforcement resources to address the safety of your employees, customers, suppliers, and clients.