Management Training


REM has provided leadership training for thousands of managers, supervisors, department directors, and executives throughout the world.

We take an eclectic approach to leadership, using proven methods from decades of experience and a variety of management philosophies, to help focus and improve the leadership skills of our clients.

After initial instruction and training, REM also provides ongoing evaluation and examination to maintain effective leadership strategies for your management personnel.

Managing the Marginal Employee

Managers often spend an inordinate amount of time managing a small percentage of their subordinates.

This REM training program is geared toward managing that small percentage of your employees, the marginally performing employees. Techniques for monitoring, motivating, and documenting the performance of these employees are explored, as well as disciplinary action including termination if that becomes necessary.

REM also offers on-going counseling and coaching to assist in managing these sometimes troublesome performers.

Time Management

Do you wonder why some organizations are more efficient than others? Time management is a major component of "self-management".

If you want more positive interactions among senior managers, between peers, with subordinates, or with customers, a review of such management functions as planning techniques, managing meetings, setting goals, and prioritizing activities can occur.

An analysis of time management strengths and opportunities may result in a more effective use of company time. REM will conduct Time Management training and also help your employees develop personal planning programs.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

"If you donít know where you are going, any road will take you there"

If this sounds familiar, you may need REM to help you and your management team conceptualize organization direction.†

Strategic Planning is a process and one aspect of that process is setting goals. Facilitating a discussion on goal setting may provide insights to all levels of the organization.†

Goal setting helps management determine what a successful day, week, or month may be. It also provides a roadmap for management to understand measurement techniques to improve personnel performance. REM can assist you in the process, and provide specialized training for all levels of an organization.

Decision Making

Effective leaders make sound decisions. Understanding the process of decision-making is the key to even greater success.

REM can help you better understand the impact of ethics on decisions, how situational awareness and analysis helps the decision-maker, and the difference between problem solving and decision-making. REM can also provide training for key personnel to provide them with additional tools to become better decision-makers.†